Innovative Technology


Bringing natural ecological-technology

Through extensive and continuous R&D developments integrated with state of the art technology, and our experience, BioPhys-Solutions® created added value products and formulation services and shares the benefits with its customers. The Technology of BioPhys-Solutions® is based on a multidisciplinary know-how, carried out in a specific unique patented process of formulation of innovative products using the action of defined electromagnetic fields.


Innovative and scientific excellence

This eco-technology is the result of research by Dr. Philippe Vallée published in peer-reviewed scientific international journals. All his results were used to highlight the action of electromagnetic fields on the interface gas / water, mainly by disturbing the double-layer ionic stabilizing “natural colloids”, such as nano-gas bubbles. These actions resulting in desorption and release of the active substances adsorbed to the interface can increase their solubility in aqueous solution and optimize their bio-assimilation. This innovation will increase the effectiveness of active substances via the physical treatment without the addition of chemical compounds. This technology allow to find new solutions which are less toxic and less polluting to health and the environment and more effective when it comes to using economic compounds with weaker performance.


Multidisciplinary approach for a broad vision

The action mastery of electromagnetic fields means mastering the science of interaction between the fields of chemistry, physic, biology with the ability to identify the optimizing conditions.

Biophys-Solutions® engages in scientific discovery in order to propose new natural and ecologic technologies. More than 15% of its turn over is oriented to Research. Biophys-Solutions® is a science-base company enable to develop new products, solve scientific challenges, and ensure superior quality for BioPhys-Solutions® product and services.

BioPhys-Solutions®, unique patented physical technology, develops novel methods of processing.