Application Fields

BioPhys-Solutions® uses a patented technological innovation in order to optimize of bio-assimilation of active ingredients by improving their solubility in water by a controlled physical process based on electromagnetic waves.

The company BioPhys-Solutions® offers new eco-technological solutions to agronomic, cosmetic industrials, as well as fields of the pharmaceutical (nutraceuticals / OTC), food (beverages) and water processings.

This ecological technology complies with the specifications organic regulations and European directives, as REACH that aim to regulate chemicals (less toxic to human health and cleaner for the environment).


The potential of the technology has already been validated:


  • in agronomy with particular success in optimizing the germination of vegetable seeds.

  • in cosmetics, solubility tests and percutaneous penetration tests allowed to show a drastic increase in the solubility of a biological active and a significative enhancement of its percutaneous diffusion through human skin explants.

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