BioPhys-Solutions : Key Principles

Biophys-Solutions® based its development on the principle of fundamental research, a technological and scientific collaboration with academic and industrial partners in order to work at any time with top experts and have access to cutting-edge research international level.

Biophys-Solutions® is expanding its portfolio of products and services around four key principles:

  • Reduce the use of chemical additives conventionally used in the formulation of health products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and water treatment in a sustainable development strategy to respect the new imposition regulatory.

  • Aim to markets where there are real needs of unsatisfied environmental technologies solutions or issues of solubility, bio-availability of active substances, in order to apply targeted strategies.

  • Minimize the extent of possible development time by working one part with qualified subcontractors’ partners.

  • Integrate all businesses from development to transfer technology through our eco-technology via the design and realization of customized prototypes.