An innovative technology
An innovative technology
Custom physical eco-technological solutions

Biophys-Solutions®, company expert in scientific and technological consulting, formulation services, proposes and implements custom-made eco-technological solutions, particularly physical technologies.

R&D strategic support and technology transfer: successful innovations to added value, improved environmental balance.

News :

- A physical formulation with no chemical additives, "Expression Cosmétique : Guide des Prestataires de Service de la Beauté", Août 2020

- BioPhys-Solutions témoigne sur la formation «Choisir la bonne méthode de caractérisation pour maîtriser la taille de vos matières premières sous forme particulaire» - juin 2020

- BioPhys-Solutions was invited to present the interest of its ecotechnology to formulate cosmetic products during a conference organized by the French Society of Cosmetology - September 2018

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