Presentation of BioPhys–Solutions Company

Founded in July 2010, the Innovative Company Biophys-Solutions® proposes through:

  • collaborative development programs
  • delivery of scientific and technological consulting

its breakthrough eco-technology increasing the efficiency of biological substances.


Biophys-Solutions® is based on the experience and expertise of Dr. Philippe Vallée, Ph.D. and his sense of innovation that has proved beneficial in the development of new processes and making new products.

Its know-how through feasibility studies in the physical treatment of water, and its on-site, his knowledge on the operating conditions to increase the effectiveness of the action of electromagnetic fields, make Biophys-Solutions perfect partner to address common issues and needs or specific in many areas of applications.

Indeed, the Biophys-Solutions® Company operates and provides customized physical environmental technology for the formulation of innovative products in areas as diverse as agronomic, food science, research and analysis, cosmetics, nutraceutical, parapharmaceutical and water treatment.

Flexibility, competence and responsiveness of biophysical solutions are the key tools used to ensure a quality service.