Partners / Customers / Expertise contracts:


  • A branch of a major group in agronomy,

  • A start-up, innovative biotechnology company specialized in livestock breeding,

  • A large group, innovating in the field of water treatment,


  • One major group, innovating for over 20 years of development of advanced technologies in dermo-cosmetics,


  • Two SME specializing in the formulation of nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics,


  • Two SME business specializing in the treatment of tap water, industrial waste,


  • A SME, innovative for over 10 years in the cosmetic field,


  • World leading company in medical diagnostic : confidential topic


  • Four world leading companies in cosmetic fields : confidential topic


  • A world leading company in pharmaceuticals & in dermocosmetic skincare : confidential topic


  • 1 energy company: R&D project on scale issue with a leader company



Collaborative projects:


  • Aérial –Centre de Ressources Technologiques et Institut Technique Agro-Industriel




  • EPF - Sceaux


  • Synchrotron SOLEIL


  • Université Paris Descartes


  • Université Pierre et Marie Curie


  • CNRS




  • BioModeling Systems (integrative systems biology company, applications especially in the fields of industrial Biotech)